Strategic Digital Consultancy

Does my digital media mix represent an optimum solution?
How does the online solution fit the overall media investments?
How should we tackle cross-media planning?

Our task is to provide clients with bespoke consultation services to enhance digital campaign effectiveness.


Data science consultancy

How should we work with the vast amounts of data that we have to maximise the communication effect?
How to work with digital data outputs effectively and in a easily understandable way for end-consumers?
How to enhance digital data?

We can help you set up your data science solutions from data visualisation to mixed market modelling.


Digital Media auditing

Is your media plan in line with guaranties?
Has your post buy right values and does it fit with invoice?
Is the campaign timeline in line with the plan?

Outputs of media campaign audit comprises the most important quantitative and qualitative media parameters which are incorporated into client´s media communication objectives.
The planned coverage of client´s target groups is evaluated.
We cooperate with Gemius or Nielsen (depends on the market) and always look for other solutions that improve efficiency for clients.


Digital tenders/pitches

Supporting clients during digital and multi-channel pitches, from helping to set up relevant qualitative and quantitative selection criteria to recommending appropriate KPIs for given market and communication goals.